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Exotic Spiced Rum
750ML - 30% ALC/VOL (60 PROOF)

Candela Mamajuana is a smooth blend of fine Dominican rum, natural spices and honey. Candela is the ultimate expression of Mamajuana, the legendary drink of the Dominican Republic.

  • Enjoy on the rocks and in cocktails like Mojitos, Piña Coladas, Daiquiris, Hurricanes & Old Fashioned
  • Made with fine Dominican rum, distilled from fresh-pressed sugarcane juice
  • Handcrafted from natural, locally sourced ingredients. No artificial colors
  • Aged in American oak barrels
  • Imported the Dominican Republic
  • Ready to drink: this Mamajuana has been aged and filtered for your convenience
  • FDA-compliant, TTB-approved, MSP certified

Candela is smooth and aromatic:
  • Nose: Rosewood, Honey, Oak. Rich & sophisticated aromas
  • Taste: Smooth, sweet and approachable
  • Finish: Long, with refreshing spices

Smoothest Spiced Rum


“… When I tried it, it was the smoothest spiced rum I have ever tasted. I wound up drinking it straight, rather than using mixers. Sadly, I ran out...”

- Real customer review, Totalwine.com

Vacation In A Bottle!


“After a week in Punta Cana drinking this all day and night at the resort, I was delighted to find it for sale at the duty-free shops in the airport. Brought some home so my friends could try it and now they’re hooked!! Glad we found it online so they could buy more :)”

- Real customer review, Totalwine.com

Delicious. Totally Recommended!!


“Candela is better than any of the mamajuanas I tried at my resort in Punta Cana. It's smooth and easy to drink straight (although I love to mix it up with some ginger ale and lime!). This product is A MUST for anyone who likes fine Caribbean spirits.”

- Real customer review, Totalwine.com


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